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Wide is the Gate of Life

How many of you remember what it was like when your grandmother was your age? How did she sustain herself? What was her chosen profession? Did she worry? Did she pray? Did she hope? Did she dream? She did. You do. We all do. Trouble is many of the similarities in our legacy narratives are not connected. Such is the wide gate of life, its your choice to take the time to reflect and remember. 

I am not saying search for your elders diaries and read through their secrets. What I am saying is there are more common elements to one's life than uncommon. And what you have in common with your grandmother is legacy. Legacy my dear friend is a narrative. That did not begin with you and will not end with you unless you discontinue the conversation with the living the lived and the still yet to be determined by your life's journey.  

I am blessed, as of the writing of this book both my grandmothers are living. Both are 94 years of age.  They grew up at a time in life that while things were simple, life still had a way of being complicated by decisions that had to be made for progress.  These decisions created roads to important things that had been promised but had yet to happen.  Looking at my life through their perspective gives me an appreciation of simple things that most take for granted.  Things such as the ability to go where I want to go and do what I want to do.  Inheriting their perspectives also allows me to see that while many things have changed, many things sadly have still stayed the same for women and minorities. Since we are all in this world together that means that things have remained the same for white men as well.

And 94 years of stagnant anything can't be all good. Change is inevitable. But when generation after generation you paint a new picture without reflecting back to the one inherited or that was taken before you, you fail to see the full picture you are posing for.  We all in some way are living promises that have been kept by the past generations belief that change was going to come to fruition. How can one confidently be a fruit if you don't know your tree? 

Narrow is the Road to Legacy Wealth

Chart a path to build wealth your way

Let's get reconnected to our legacies. The pasts' influence on the present and promise of the future is something we often quote or reminisce after the fact. But what about consciously connecting the dots of legacy to build a blueprint of how, when, and where wealth can be created because it's time for harvest— our harvest.  A Legacy Perspective has the equity of seeing the fuller picture that comes with a knowing there is more than what immediately appears to the naked eye in the destination of your life journey.  It's the story behind the story. The meeting before the meeting. The promise that has carried us forward for generations. 

Throughout out my journey I have been blessed to sit at the feet of elders who were and are leaders of change. Leaders who picked up torches that had been passed down or dropped and needed reigniting to make a difference in their community however they defined it. Some of these elders I was privileged to spend quality time with and interview. Others it was brief encounters followed by countless hours of research and reading of their books and memoirs. The net effect of this legacy aspect of my journey was the identification of patterns and those patterns led to me connecting dots in the strangest of places.  

What I found along the NarrowRoad™ is that the saving and the investments aspect of each and every one of our life journeys, are governed by decisions that are not just financial, they also contain tangible and intangible aspects of wealth.  Intangible aspects such as knowledge, culture, relationships, and time spent remembering the purpose of our lives.  These are the flames that ignite very early in our lives that when nurtured become the torch we pass on for generations.   I am convinced after talking with thousands of individuals that each and every one of us is here in this time and space for a unique reason.  A reason that did not begin with nine months in a womb and a series of pushes.  It began long before that. 

Our ultimate desired outcome is to create a legacy for ourselves —  to find a way to link the narrative of the past to our present life narrative with the hopes that our successes and failures will in turn create ways that build, grow, and expand the light onto our uncharted pathways in our chosen territories. This will make the road brighter for those in the future.    Are you the first to have pursued a road that no one in your family has navigated? Our purpose in this world is to live a life that produces fun and fruit that becomes resources for the next generation to take it even further. 

The road is eternal, our journey along it is a pursuit of wealth, happiness and promise, however we choose to define it.  Belief in our ability to connect the dots within our lifetime is how legacy and wealth meet one another along the NarrowRoad™.  Uncovering the fullness of who you are and where you come from charts a path to reap the harvests uniquely available to you as a part of your inheritance is the Promise. 

Design your life with legacy included

What if wealth were a model and all you had to do was pick one?
What if your wealth model was a mirror that helped you put the childish things about money and success away so that you could finally prioritize and fulfill the dreams your father's father or ancestors pursued to pave the way towards a wealth promise that you inherited?

What if all you had to do was anchor your life to a desired outcome and, like an inheritance, over time you would receive it.   If this were true instead of paying others for outcomes in your life to happen all you would have to do is pay attention. In other words focus on what impacts your life business and the market around it.

I have asked myself for years now how could all of this insight be shared?
I am not the first by any means to desire to write a guide for the perplexed, or a list of habits for the highly effective or a guide for a purpose driven life. There have been many who have come before me desiring to help others find their life path and lead it it the fullest capacity.

I do believe that I am one of a few who desire to link both the faith walk that is found in everyone's journey with the financial realities that are found there too.  I am a believer that the desires of your heart in some way are promised but as the parable of the talents aptly demonstrates you must learn to multiply them independently. What you do with the promise of your life is up to you, your perspective, your strategy, your day to day operations and your relationships.  Add a few measurable life inflection points and you have a pretty powerful legacy wealth journey.  Couple that with a  wealth identity unique to you and your road is narrowed by the roots of who you are, where you desire to go, what you are working with, and the risks you must take to get there.  These simple elements when combined together form a powerful truth unique to you.  

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